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    Friday, October 10, 2008

    Ship the First Prop Bet!

    On July 23rd, Rubba and I made a series of prop bets that were discussed in detail on this blog as well as his. We had said the contest would last until the end of November. Shortly after making those bets, we both had busy times in our personal lives that severely cut into our time at the tables. I honestly haven't been thinking too much about them because several of them involve heavy volume which I haven't been able to commit to lately but last night...I continued a huge run I've had at $.50/$1 NL the past ten days. I've been 4-tabling at this level for about three weeks. I have played approx. 11,000 hands at a win rate of only 6.9/100BB but with rakeback, it's helped me add over $1K to my roll the last few weeks.

    At one table last night (see picture), I was finally able to WIN A PROP BET!! I went on a sick heater which included a $280 pot with 10-9 on a 10-9-3 flop (vs. 3-3 and A-A). River.....obv 9. :):):) I was able to win Prop Bet #4 of the Willing2Die division "Be up at least five (5) buy-in's at a cash table (min. stakes $.50/$1 NL)."

    I've been a tourney donk for over four years but I'm having so much fun playing cash tables that I've foregone a lot of tournaments lately. I'm going to make a huge push towards some of the other prop bets we have so I can close this deal :):):). I also won a $216 seat to the FTP $750K guar. so if I could somehow win four more seats by Sunday, I could ship another of the prop bets. We'll see....

    Can the Chargers please beat the damn PATRIOTS one time??!!??!!

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