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    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    NFL Schedule released

    Today was one of those days that pacifies the diehard NFL fan during the off-season. 2nd only to draft day, the release of the NFL schedule gets me pumped up and also allows me to plan out my Qualcomm Stadium attendance for the coming season. It looks like my schedule will be as follows:

    Home Opener vs. Baltimore (Tailgating with my wife)
    Monday Night Football vs. Denver (Going with buddies from work)
    December 20th vs. Cincinnatti (Weekend trip with the kids/Tailgating)
    January 3rd vs. Washington (Tailgating with friends)

    I'm so pumped....the Cutler trade to Chicago has pretty much handed the AFC West to us for the next couple of years so we really need to take advantage.

    Anyways....I have not been playing a ton of poker lately. I'm looking to ramp up the volume in the coming weeks and win a WSOP Main Event seat. My current economic conditions don't point to me dropping ten dimes for an entry this year so if I don't win a seat, I'm pretty much screwed. If it gets to that point, I'll play in a couple of mega-satties when I'm in Vegas (6/18-6/21) but I think the best value is still winning one on Full Tilt.

    I have lots of other thoughts to convey but I am literally busy day and night so I'll have to carve out an hour to drop some more deep philosophy on you. lololol

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    smokkee said...

    we kinda got screwed with only 1 nat'l televised at hm. we're on the road for the other 3.

    we def need to get to the superbowl within the next couple of yrs. getting merriman back healthy will make a big diff.

    RaiderK9 said...

    Hey little buddy. I hate to rain on your Zolts parade. But don't think the Raiders wont get a piece of the Chargers this season..