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    Tuesday, May 6, 2008

    Where the hell have I been?

    Almost 25 days between blog posts.....that's pathetic. My life has been a whirlwind lately and only a small fraction of it has been poker-related. I'm going to write this post in bulletpoint format only because I have a lot of minor thoughts I want to get across:

    -I just got back from an 8-day trip to Disneyworld with my wife and 3 kids. It was pretty much the perfect vacation for us with absolutely no issues with planes, hotels, tickets, etc. There is a very serene type of satisfaction for a man when he can give his family everything they want in life. It does a lot more for your inner ego than anything I've ever found in poker.

    -I was able to play some late-night poker in the hotel room in Orlando which allowed me to attain the "IRON" status on Full Tilt Poker. As I have said before, I'm not sure why I did that but it was a personal goal and I reached it. I usually got my 200FTP points each night by playing a ton of turbo SNG's. I would estimate that this "goal" of mine cost me about $1500-2000 for the month of April. I'm done with trying to play a set amount of poker each day.

    -If I hadn't mentioned this earlier, Full Tilt finally set me up with rakeback!!! I got about $350 back for the month of April so I anticipate about an extra $500 per month. Not adds up.

    -Lately, I have really been feeling the problems that come with being a dad, husband, coach, police officer, and wanting to be a semi-professional poker player. My daughter recently made all-stars in softball and I am the third-base coach for the team so my weekends are pretty much swamped for the next two months. It's difficult to get into any type of rhythym with your game when you're playing one tournament every three days.

    -The WSOP is less than 4 weeks away!!!! My plane and hotel reservations are set for June 26-29th at the RIO and July 5-7th at the Gold Coast. I'll be playing a $2,000 event on 6/27 and the Main Event Day 1D on July 6th.

    -I was able to somehow end April as a profitable month meaning I have had four straight profitable months to begin 2008 (I was up a little more than $300 in April so it's nothing to write home about...)

    -I've got two big weeks coming up where I will play an insane amount of poker and try to win a Main event package. May 27-30th I will be in Palm Springs for a golf tournament (that I run) and will be in a hotel every night. On June 16th, my wife and kids are flying to Montana for a week and I'll be home alone so you can count on some major rounding that week.

    That's all for now. I'll try to have some more poker content in coming posts.

    Thanks for reading,


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    KajaPoker said...

    you should play the BBT3 events and win your seat that way.