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    Sunday, April 13, 2008

    Such Sundays! (<----Ship the $2K WSOP Package)

    Yesterday was a great day for a variety of reasons. My wonderful and beautiful wife handled the the troops so I could put in a big Sunday of "work" in the poker room so for that I am always grateful to her. When she does that, it always gives me added incentive to make her sacrifices worthwhile. I actually only played in five MTT's yesterday but I made the most of them...

    I satellited into the $750K on TILT and ended up cashing in that one which is always nice to cash in a major. I open-shoved J-J for 12+BB about 75 people into the cash and got snap-called by a guy for 50% of his stack with K-Q. King on the flop and that was it. I think I was out in like 480th place for a nominal $280 cash.

    The big news of the day was my triumphant return to the WSOP bracelet race winner's circle!!! I took three of these down last year but hadn't had the opportunity to play in many this year. I played in the $75 buy-in with 70 players which awarded two $2,000 WSOP packages. I played steady most of the tournament....stepped on the gas with 2 tables left....then punished the final table enroute to the victory. I love winning WSOP packages and I know this is one of many to come over the next two months.

    The other big news was my buddy Daniel's (Rubbarose/Spreadicus) performance in the late night MTT's. He was on my rail supporting me throughout the day and IM'd me saying "I just want to cash." Boy.....did he ever?!??! In a 2-hour span, he proceeded to make the final 3 tables of the TILT 50-50 and the turbo Fiddy. Those were good for over $350 in cashes. But his real damage was on STARS...He made simultaneous final tables in the $33 freezeout and $11-rebuy. He ended up taking 4th in both of them (virtually at the same time) for over $5K in scores. GREAT JOB, RUBBA!!!

    While I was sitting there rooting him on from the rail in both of those FT's, I sat at $2/$4 NL 6-max on TILT and proceeded to book a $750 profit session on one table in 90 minutes. Nice win rate, eh? was a good Sunday. I've got a busy week of work ahead of me but will be heading to Vegas on Friday to run in a law enforcement race on Sunday. My leg is only six miles so in spite of my lack of training, I should be able to whip that one out pretty smoothly. I also plan on heading over to the Bellagio on Saturday to "stalk" Day-1 of the WPT Championship. It's a tradition for me...

    Thanks for reading,


    EDIT: I forgot to mention a couple of things. I have 200 FTP points every day in the month of April so far (13 days). I should have no problem achieving Iron status this month. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to this quest and it's purely just for fun and nothing else.

    Also...I will be in Vegas June 26-29th to play in a couple WSOP events and then will return on July 4th to play the Main Event. I'll be there without the wife so anyone that wants to hook up for drinking and degenerate money wasting, please give me a holler.


    $mokkee said...

    there ya go, nice job.

    Anonymous said...


    thanks so much man! Such sunday PWNAGE!

    This party is getting started! we really need to work on out double ft skills we are going to need them!

    Thanks for all your support!