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    Sunday, July 6, 2008

    2008 World Series of Poker Main Event

    It's 9:00 in my Gold Coast Hotel room and I'm doing my best to get in the warrior mindset for today's main event. I was in the arena for the incredible Forrest Griffin victory over Rampage Jackson last night so it's hard to get out of the UFC mindset and back into the poker mindset. What a fight!!! It was my first time at an MMA event and I might have seen the 2008 Fight of the Year.

    I'll be at Amazon Blue Table 3, Seat 6 today. The numbers are down for the Main Event this year but Day 1C was considerably larger than Days 1A and 1B and they're thinking today may be the biggest of them all.

    I'm ready for the deep stacks and slow structure and hope to play much better than I did last year (which shouldn't be too difficult). I never like to put goals on what I want my finishing stack to be at the end of the day because all you should do is make good, individual decisions each hand. But.....I am eyeing a stack of $50,000 as the stack I'd like to start Day 2 with.

    We'll see......let's get ready to rumble!

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