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    Monday, March 17, 2008

    Close Call

    It has been a tough three weeks as I've seen my bankroll take a considerable hit since my win in the $23K guaranteed. Frankly, I've been playing relatively awful and wondering if I would ever cash again. I had a long talk with RUBBA and he convinced me to play the TILT $1 Million guaranteed. He said that I've always been about taking shots and he had confidence in me.

    7.5 hours later, I finished 40th in the damn thing for a $2,700 score. There were over 2,300 entrants. I played focused and controlled poker throughout and then hung on as I went completely card dead the last 2 hours. I shoved A-K UTG and got a call from K-K and that was that......Sigh.....Just one time let me run like a complete God with a horseshoe up my ass just for like 90 minutes at the end of a major tournament. I'm convinced that's what you need to have happen.

    Oh well....that little score helped soothe the wounds of the last 2 weeks and basically got me even for the month of March. Now it's time to ride that momentum to another big score and help sew up my WSOP ME entry.

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