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    Monday, March 31, 2008

    Uber-Degenerate Weekend

    Although not by design, the weekend turned out to be one of the most poker-filled weekends I've ever had. I accrued over 3,000 FTP points just from Fri-Sun playing a hellacious amount of cards. I played a boatload of cash tables and came out on the losing end overall at the cash games for the weekend.

    My MTT game has been horrific lately but I finally got myself out of the funk last night with a strong 3rd place finish in the Full Tilt $16K guaranteed for $2,850. I had a different type of mindset throughout the tournament and really, really focused on every play. I discontinued any other tables about halfway through and that allowed me to focus completely on just one tournament. I was short for a lot of the tournament but went on a heater with about 3 tables left. At one point with 2 tables left, I had over $900K when the 2nd place guy had only had $300K. I went to the final table with the chip lead and had a pretty big lead with 6 players left which makes the 3rd place finish a little dissapointing.

    I had a guy to my right that could not lay down a hand to a 3-bet and ended up calling my all-in 3-bet twice with 3-3 and K-10 (sigh). I ended up losing two big races 3-handed which is really what CAN'T happen if you want to win a tournament. Overall, I was really pleased with my play and can't remember one hand that I thought I played bad. I can't complain if the cards don't cooperate short-handed. You have to get lucky when you are 3 and 4-handed and it just didn't happen for me.

    Here is the hand history from last night:

    Once again, I was a little down on my game and my bankroll was starting to deteriorate and this led to a nice score. It's the story of my poker career. I have to get really down before coming back strong. It makes it a little hard on the nerves but it's worked out great historically for me. Hopefully, I'll be down in the dumps right before the WSOP :):).

    Back to the grind....I know the WSOP seat is coming.

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