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    Tuesday, August 5, 2008

    Quick Update...

    I returned from Jamaica on Friday and am now back at my dungeon I call work. Man....I could really live in Jamaica. I mean...if I didn't have kids, responsibilities, etc., etc.

    I came back ready to smash the online scene but Saturday night was "one of those nights" as I was only able to play two MTT's. I got it all-in with K-K v. A-K and Q-J on a K-10-5 board. Yeah, no good (river Ace). I then got it all-in in the other one with K-K v. A-K. Yeah, no good (runner-runner straight). I did win an FTOPS seat so that eased the pain. I will really start ramping up the MTT volume over the next couple of days.

    After over four years of playing online, I finally purchased Pokertracker 3 on Saturday. It has taken me a little bit to get it set up and situated but I have already seen improvements and enjoy the HUD feature which gives me added input when I'm multi-tabling. I'm looking forward to see if it improves my results.

    Besides the tons of bets with Rubba this month (see previous post), I've got various other things brewing:

    $50...I've got Notre Dame for 7 wins or more this year. 6 wins, I push. 5 wins or less I lose.
    $50...I've got N.Y. Jets for 8 wins or less this year. 9 wins, I push. 10 wins or more I lose.
    $20...I win if Brett Favre is the GB starter in week 1. I lose if Aaron Rodgers is the GB starter in week 1 (I'm fucked on this one).
    I also opened my big mouth the third week of June and told a close buddy of mine (huge GB fan) that if Favre ever played another down with the Packers, I'd go to a game with him this year at Lambeau (we went last year). As it stands today, it looks like I'm safe on this one. That would have been a $1,500 loss.

    I'm looking to pile up a ton of NFL prop bets this year as I feel I can take the best of it against most of my friends. Very few of them know what the hell they're talking about.

    Anyways, FTOPS starts tomorrow. I'm hoping to play event #1 at 1800 hrs. Weeeeeeeeeeeee

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