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    Saturday, February 16, 2008

    2 Final Tables...and My Biggest Online Score EVER!!!

    As Stone Cold Steve Austin used to say..."Can I get a hell yeah??!!" Wow...what a night. One night after my post that questioned the evolution of my poker game and whether I would ever reach new heights, I took down the biggest score of my online career.

    As I was preparing to hit the tables (after putting the kids to bed), I actually remember saying out loud (to no one in particular) "It only takes one." I had been thinking back on my poker career and remembering other times that I was a little down and one big win had erased weeks of frustration. I have sufficient bankroll management skills that weeks of below-average play doesn't necessarily decimate my bankroll so it only takes one big score to get back ahead of the game.

    As I sat down, my friend Rubbarose asked me what tournaments I was going to play. I told him a $10 6-max and the $16.5K guaranteed at 9:00. I told him that I wanted to play just a couple of tournaments and focus on solid play. When I told him that I was playing the $16.5K, he actually AIM'd me "You are due to win that one." As both tourneys progressed, I found the $10 6-max to be about as soft as a tournament can be. I basically breezed to the final table as the $16.5K was moving into the third hour. I played a solid final table in the 6-max but really went card dead at the FT and ended up finishing 4th for only $190. It seemed like a lot of effort and a deep finish for a relatively small score.

    As the $16.K progressed, I found myself really reflecting on a tournament video I had been watching recently on PokerXFactor by UCLABruinz. I used a lot of the concepts I learned in that video throughout the tournament. I ended up busting our buddy DannyMac31 right before the bubble and collected his $15 bounty (sorry, bro). I was in the Top 5 in chips throughout the last 4 tables and as we got down to two tables, I promised myself that I would play for the win and keep the pressure on. I ended up making the final table 2nd in chips.

    I must admit....this was probably the weakest final table I have ever been at. I would say there was probably one other quality player and, not coincidentally, I ended up getting heads-up with him (weballin). Just way too much folding by people. I don't know if they were looking to move up in money but I was able to basically obliterate the table with very little resistance. I ended up knocking out TWO players in the same hand on TWO different occasions (K-J v. Q-J/9-9 flopped a K...As-Qs v. A-K/A-4 turned a flush). I continued to destroy everyone in my path and got heads up with a 4.5-1 chip advantage. He was a solid opponent and ended up doubling up through me in a race (his A-10 v. my 8-8). I just chipped away at him and ended up getting back to a 3-1 chip advantage before winning a final race with A-Q v. 3-3. The win shipped me my biggest score ever...$7,730 (including 12 KO's).

    It sure seems that this blog has allowed me to really focus my efforts and express some thoughts that have allowed me to clear my head. On Thursday, I asked myself whether I would reach the apex before the abyss. Last night, I took one step closer to the apex.

    A special thanks to my friends Rubbarose and VIRGE. Rubba has helped me immensely and is there every night to talk about hands and tilt control with me. VIRGE was there for me at the final table last night to give me encouragement and provide his special brand of humor in the chat box. Thanks, GUYS!!! You know I'm always there for you.

    Here is the Hand History link on PokerXFactor:

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