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    Monday, February 11, 2008

    A frustrating Sunday...and Pocket Aces

    Damn....that was one frustrating Sunday. After playing so well during the week, I really thought I was going to crush yesterday. I had my full set-up in my poker room at home and was left relatively alone by the family so the setting was good....but the playing was not. I played the Full Tilt FTOPS #9, $25K guar., $55K guar., and the $16.5K guar.

    I was never really in the FTOPS event. I hardly won any pots and meekly went out early in Hour 2 when I ran Q-Q into A-A pre-flop (Remember's a recurring theme).

    There wasn't a lot to remember about the $25K as well. I plugged along for about an hour and a half before running J-J into A-A pre-flop (sigh...)

    The $55K started out a lot better. I chipped up very nicely and had a very large stack throughout the first two hours. I had around $16,000 at 120/240 right before the 2nd break when I got it all-in with J-J against A-K for around 40% of my stack. Obv Ace on the turn and it whacked me down to around $9,500. If I win that race, I'm 2nd in chips going to hour #3. I was able to work my way back up to around $13,000 and with around 120 players left, it got folded around to me in the SB with 7h-6h. With the blinds at 200/400, I raised to 1195. The BB re-raised to 3,200. I insta-shoved and he somehow found it within himself to reluctantly call with.....A-A. Yes, that's 40+BB in pre-flop with 7h-6h. Board bricked and I was out...

    I'm not sure how to solve what's going on in my game right now. In the last 20 MTT's, I have made the third hour in over 75% of them. I am able to weather the early stages but I have some serious leaks in my middle game. It's weird because I feel pretty good about my game once it gets to the final 3 tables so there is something inherently wrong with my strategy during the middle stages. I'm going to try and re-evaluate the decisions I'm making and also watch some PokerXFactor videos to watch their middle games. I say it all the time and I'll continue to say it...I have too much faith in myself and know that I'm a top player for me to keep blowing these stacks. I need to start taking more time with my decisions and really examine the entire situation.

    On a sidenote, the night was not a complete loss. After taking an hour break after the above fiascos, my wife was really busy with work stuff so I decided to sit down and play a $10 90-man Turbo KO tournament. I don't particularly like turbo tournaments but I was looking for something to pass the time. I played flawlessly and completely dominated the tournament. I ended up having TEN knockouts and won the tournament for $250 (see picture). So....not a complete wasted day.

    Bowling tonight so no poker. Back at the tables on Tuesday.

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