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    Friday, February 8, 2008

    A Live Win and Screenname Origins

    I forgot to blog that I had taken down the Caesar's Palace Saturday afternoon tournament for a nice little $1K score (see photo). There were only 60 entrants but it's always nice to take down a live tournament. The structure was surprisingly good for a daily tournament and the final table was almost unfair as I believe I was by far the best player. LIVE WINS PWN!!!!!

    I thought I would briefly touch on where my two main screennames ("Willing2Die"/"HGJ18622") came from. When I first opened an account on PartyPoker in 2003, I was looking for a cool name that was semi-intimidating but not too ridiculous. I had practically memorized the 2003 WSOP telecasts and I remembered a quote from Amir Vahedi about how in no-limit, "in order to live you must be willing to die." I thought that would be a cool screenname so I adopted "Willing2Die" on Party.

    At the time, you could change your screenname on Party something like once every 3 months. For some stupid reason, I wanted to change it so I decided on "HGJ18622."
    "H" for my daughter Hannah..."G" for my son Garrett..."J" for my son Jarred...
    and "18622" as this is the California Penal Code for the Gang Enforcement Act and at the time I was working a gang task force.

    It was during this brief time period that I opened up my FullTilt account and used "HGJ18622." A short time later, I changed it back to "Willing2Die" on Party but found out that you can never change your screen name on FullTilt. I have talked with them at the WSOP and e-mailed support several times but they are steadfast in their denials.

    I really enjoy "Willing2Die" as it has become sort of a 2nd persona for me. Some of my poker buddies call me "Will", I have embroidered hats with "Willing2Die" on it, and even my kids use it as a code on some of their video games.

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