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    Saturday, February 9, 2008

    W2D wins an FTOPS Main Event Seat!

    A relatively frustrating night of MTT's got considerably better at the end when I was able to win a $535 seat to the FTOPS Main Event next Sunday. As I usually do in the satellites, I just hung around in the weeds until the final table when I flopped a huge hand with Q-10.....A-K-J board. Not too bad!!!

    The rest of the night was cooler-central. I played in 4 MTT's and made the third hour of every single one with absolutely no cashes. I saw a flop with 10-8 and it came 10-8-6....Obv other guy has 6-6. I saw a flop with A-7 and it came A-J-7....Obv other guy has A-J. I saw a flop with A-K and it comes K-9-6. I check to induce a bet and he checks behind. Turn is a 4...Obv he has 4-4 and he doubles through me.

    Anyways, I won't dwell on the negative. I played really well tonight and just got a bit unlucky. But I'll take the $500 seat!!!

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