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    Saturday, June 28, 2008

    DAy 2 of the WSOP $2K

    Don't blink....this is going to be quick. I lasted eactly two hands today.

    First hand I'm UTG+1. UTG open-shoves all-in and I have K-6. Can't call....

    Second hand I'm UTG and there is no way I want to eat a BB with my stack at these levels. I look down at 6s-5s which I actually like as a shoving hand as it plays well to the range of hands that people will call with. The button wakes up with A-K, I brick off, and I'm out 198th. That sucks!!!!

    I don't mean to get philosophical on you but this was really rather frustrating. I have made a 5-year career out of some nice cashes and a steady flow of secondary income for my family but when do I hit the big one? When do I stop settling for these 4-figure cashes and rise to a different level and the 6-figure cashes. I know that cashing in 3 of 6 WSOP tournaments played is pretty good and having a 50% ITM rate in big field events is something to be proud of but really.....when do I take it to the next level? I sure would have loved to have had some chips today to see what I could have done. I truly believe, in my soul, that I can win one of these tournaments. My time is coming......

    Thanks for reading my updates...I'll be back next weekend for the Main Event (Day 1D July 6th) so I'll be doing the same updates then. Maybe that's the one...Maybe the main event is the time that I reach what I think is my destiny of sort...we'll see.

    Now let's hope I can survive the next 24 hours in Las Vegas and stay away from the pit. Breakfast cost me $125 this morning....well breakfast cost $25 and I spent the 15-minute wait for our table at the roulette table so you see what I'm getting at :):).

    Last thing....special shout out to my wife. What other woman let's their husband travel endlessly to follow his dreams. She is the greatest thing that has ever or will ever happen to me and for that I'm truly blessed. Let's face it....she's the NUTS.

    Thanks for reading,


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