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    Friday, June 27, 2008

    WSOP Event #48 $2,000 NLHE

    I'm seated at Amazon Blue Table #29, Seat #6. Start time is 1200 hrs. I will update whenever I can. The thought process for the day is position, focus, and discipline. I don't give a $*&% if I go out in the first level as long as I play solid. Let's do this thing...

    10:40 a.m. Just got ready for the tournament by losing another $250 online at $1/$2 NL. I have more leaks than a Swedish fjord....

    7:15 p.m. we go.

    1st level (25/50)- UTG+1 limps, I raise to 250 from MP with Q-Q, SB calls and limper calls. Flop 5-4-2. I bet 350 and both call. Turn-Jc putting 2 clubs. I bet 600 and original limper calls. River-Jh, check-check. He has 3-3. I win

    I limp in SB with Q-J, 4-way pot. Flop Q-8-2 with 2 hearts. I bet 175 and BB calls. Turn 6d. I check-call 250. River is Kh...I lead out with some sort of a blocking bet of 400 and he quickly calls with K-Q. Basically a horribly played hand on my part.

    2nd level (50/100)- UTG+1 limps, guy next to him raises to 300, I look down at A-A on the button and raise to 900. Raiser calls. Flop A-7-4 rainbow (fairly good flop I'd say!). I wouldn't normally slowplay any hand but this is a rare occasion that no turn card could be a scare card. I check behind on the flop and the turn is the 10d putting 2 diamonds out. he checks, I weak lead 900, he shoves, I call with top set and he mucks his hand and walks away to go get a beer.

    I raise UTG+1 with A-K, BB calls, flop is K-8-2 rainbow. I lead for 400 and he calls. turn is the 8. check-check (for pot control or so I tell myself). river is a 9. I bet 500 and he calls and mucks.

    Middle position raises to 300 and I call in position with 7c-5c, SB and BB also call. Flop is Qc-8c-5d. Let's just say I'm too stupid to ever fold a pair and a flush draw. I get it all in against Q-Q (top set) and lose half my stack.

    1st BREAK-$5,475

    3rd level (100/200)- Here is the worst played hand in history. Aggro Asian opens for 600 from the cutoff and I have Ac-Qc in the BB. I should have 3-bet him but instead choose to just call (WEAK). Flop comes Kc-9c-5d. I check (WEAK) and he leads for 400 and I just call (WEAK). turn is a brick and we check-check (WEAK). River is a Queen and like a dumbass I call his bet of 500 (WEAK). He had K-2. Well played, Eric.

    TABLE SWITCH to other side of the room. Kathy Liebert is at the table. This is a much weaker table. Early on, I raise UTG to 700 with A-K and guy on my direct left shoves for 3300. I call and he has 7-7. Flop K-J-10 and that was all she wrote. Another victim sent to the showers.

    3 guys limp and I limp in the SB with 10-8. Flop Q-8-8 (farely good). I check acting first and a guy bets 500. I smooth call and turn is a 9 putting two diamonds. I check-call a bet of 1000. The river is probably the best card in the deck, the 10-diamonds making my full house and putting a flush and 4-liner straight on the board. I acted a little hastily here and thought that he really couldn't call much so I elected to check to see if I could get him to bluff at the pot. Unfortunately, he checked behind and I won a nice pot but I think it could have been more.

    2nd BREAK- $11,250

    5th level (150/300/25) I raise to 900 from MP with As-Qs and BB ships for $5,000. This one took a lot of time and I must have tanked for a good 4 minutes. My deciding factor was that I would have at least 18BB left if I lost the hand so I called and he turned over J-J. Flop A-K-5. It then went runner-runner spades to make the unnecessary nuts. Another victim to the shower.

    6th level (200/400/50) I raise from the CO to 1100 with Jd-10h and the BB (good player) re-raises to 2800 making it only 1700 more to call. This was one of my only "gambles" all day so I called since I had position. The flop came 10-8h-4h. He checks (bad'll see) and I check behind. Turn is the 7h. I now have top pair, flush draw, and gutterball draw. He leads for 4500, I ship for about 14000 and he calls with K-K. I have 17 outs and the beautiful Ace of hearts hits the river and I win a GINORMOUS pot. Another victim sent to the showers.

    TABLE SWITCH to across the room. I now have about $32,000 as I switch to this table. Tough table, lots of good players. I get blinded down a bit before raising with 7-4 offsuit from the cutoff to 1200. The button re-raises me to 3000 and I inexplicably call out of position (I have no explanation other than I put him on a big hand and thought if I flopped hard I could win a monster). The flop comes K-10-4 rainbow. I check and he bets 4500. I swear to God, I thought he looked weak. I thought he might have A-J or A-Q and was just C-betting with a straight draw. I actually thought about it for quite awhile and even considered shipping but I folded. The guy shows me 8-5!!!!!! Yes, 8-5! Oh well...if you're never getting bluffed, you're not playing good.

    The dinner break was fast approaching and a guy at the other side of the table was raising a lot of hands. I decided I had enough chips that I wanted to 3-bet him one time to see if I could slow him down after dinner. He opened for 1250 from early position and an older tight-weak guy flat called him from his immediate left. I decided to re-raise to 4500 with the old Qs-8s. The original raiser fiddled with his chips for a long time and I actually thought he might 4-bet me but he just called (I didn't want that...for the record). Old guy folded and the flop came 7-4-2 rainbow. No use stopping now!!!! He checked and I led for $6,500. He folded rather quickly and I took down a nice pot as the dinner break had already started.

    End of LEVEL 6- $33,800

    The average stack is $14,500 and they list the chip leader at $70,000 but my stack is definitely Top 50 for sure. 4 more levels to go. I'm feeling good, calm, confident so we'll see what happens. Position and aggression. LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!


    $mokkee said...


    Rubbarose said...


    to quote one of my best poker friends..........

    "think about every chip you put into a pot."

    and then think about your good buddy rubba and 4 bet that cocky numbnuts at your table with 85 :)

    Mitch Comstein said...

    It's easy to grin
    When your chips comes in
    And you've got the other rounders beat.
    But the rounder worthwhile,
    Is the rounder who can smile,
    When his shorts are too tight in the seat

    How about a Fresca?

    Go get 'em dude!!!