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    Wednesday, June 18, 2008

    Week without the wife and kids

    My wife and 3 kids flew to Montana on Monday morning so I've been home alone this week. I started Monday off well by final tabling the TILT $23K (again) in 8th place for $580. I ended up busting out around 2:00 a.m. which was late enough that I couldn't get up to go to the gym but not enough money that it was really worth it.

    Last night, I cashed in 35th place in the TILT $30K for $190 and final tabled the TILT $17K in 7th place for $590. Crazy hand at the final table...

    It was 3:00 in the morning and I had been head-bobbing for at least 2 hours. There were 8 players left with the Blinds at $6K/$12K. I was 2nd in chips with around $420,000. UTG+1 open-shoves for $210,000. He had done this twice previously so I thought he was a loose cannon. Chip leader with $460,000 smooth calls from middle position and I look down at J-J in the SB. In hindsight, I should have mucked but I have to tell you that I wasn't thinking too straight at 3:00....I was pretty much in a daze. I start to think that the CL's range easily includes 9-9, 10-10, A-Q, and A-K. Fatigue took over and I didn't take enough time with the decision. I come back over the top and the CL calls with A-K. Original raiser has 7-7. So.....we play a nice $1.1 million pot at the $6/$12K level. He spikes an ace on the flop and that's all she wrote. If I win that pot, that tournament is over with.

    I am absolutely in the zone right now and am pumped that it's happening one week before my WSOP trips begin. I'm expecting big things at the RIO...

    Two more nights home alone before flying to Montana on Friday morning. I'm just staying for the weekend and flying home on Monday with my wife and youngest son.

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