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    Thursday, June 26, 2008


    A lot has happened since my last blog post. I won't bore you with the details but I did get in a pretty bad ATV accident while on vacation in Montana. The following things do not make a good combination: Lots and lots of trees, a severe lack of motorcycle-driving instinct, my 11-year old daughter onboard, and NO HELMETS!!! My daughter escaped with a just a sore ankle but I messed up both wrists and my hip so I've been kind of a basketcase lately. But.....that's not what we're here for.

    VEGAS, BABY!!!! The trip started out with my flight being the only one out of 30 flights on the screen that was delayed so that allowed me to play an extra long session of $1/$2 NL on Full Tilt. Sigh....that was a $250 stay in the airport. As soon as I arrived in Vegas, two co-workers called me and said they were about to play in the 7:00 tourney at the MGM. I re-routed my taxi from the RIO to the MGM and got there 5 minutes after the tournament had started. One of them had already busted out on the third hand. I told him that 9-9 is never good on a 9-8-7 flop (I'll give you one guess what the other guy had). So....I stuffed my luggage in the MGM bell desk (telling them that I'm a hotel guest there) and jumped into a $1/$2 NL game. I played for about 90 minutes and managed to stack off when I 3-barrelled my boss who was at the table and he called my shove on the river (I had zilch sfobv). As soon as he called, I threw my cards in the muck and said "F&*k you!" The others at the table were surpised until I told them that he was my boss and I stacked off to the only guy at the table that I know I can win it back from. They all got a chuckle out of that.

    I went and grabbed my stuff from the bell desk and trekked on over to the RIO. I had no idea I was a "Gold" member now at Harrah's properties but I guess all that means is you've wasted a lot of $$ at their casinos. I have to admit that the room I'm in is probably the nicest "standard" room I've ever stayed in. I'm really impressed.

    I'm going to head down and watch some of the $50K HORSE and $5K 6-max as those are always fun tourneys to rail. I'm in IT 628 if anyone is in Vegas and reading this and wants to look me up to get a beer. I'll be playing the $2K tomorrow and possible the Venetian $500 on Saturday if I don't make Day 2 of tomorrow's event. You can usually find me with my green "Always Lucky" hat on.

    I intend to update this quite frequently this weekend so hopefully I can relay to you the blow by blow action from the various tournaments I play.

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